All sorts of news and preview videos for upcoming Marvel films and series were presented at the Disney Group’s D23 Expo this weekend. Among them is a first look, in the form of a trailer, at Marvel Studios’ first-ever TV special. As “Deadline” reports, “Werewolf by Night” will be released on Disney on October 7th this year – just in time for the Halloween and spooky season. The trailer with Gael García Bernal (43) has the look of a classic black and white horror film.

Leading actor García Bernal becomes Jack Russell in the streaming special, who can transform into a werewolf. However, the Marvel character called Werewolf by Night retains the intellectual abilities and – if he wants to – the mastery of a human being. According to “Deadline”, actress Laura Donnelly (40), who can also be seen in the video, probably embodies the character Elsa Bloodstone.

Judging by the trailer, a bunch of monster hunters gather in a mansion for a hunt. “Werewolf by Night” comes in the guise of an old-fashioned B horror film from the 1950s and is thus reminiscent of earlier meta-works such as “Planet Terror” by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (54). This makes the special very different from the usual Marvel works. Director Michael Giacchino (54) has so far mainly worked as a composer and was awarded an Oscar in 2010 for his film music for the Pixar work “Oben”.