The Bundesliga game between FC Bayern and VfB Stuttgart also made waves on the internet. Above all, the controversial Kimmich scene was discussed angrily. Due to the renewed hostility and hate messages from users on the Internet, the popular network team “Collinas Erben” has now withdrawn.

For years, “Collina’s heirs” have provided a transparent view of referee decisions in German and European football. Controversial referee decisions were patiently explained and evaluated by the operators of the site. “Collinas Erben” enjoyed a flawless reputation.

The operators have now taken the account offline. The reason for this was probably the renewed hostility directed against “Collina’s heirs” after the controversial decisions in the game between FC Bayern and VfB Stuttgart. On Sunday morning, the operators deleted their long-standing success channel and thus one of the few really impartial and professionally run referee portals in German football.

The increasing dissatisfaction of the referees with the way they treat fans, players, coaches and those responsible is becoming an ever greater problem for the DFB. The association has immense problems recruiting young referees, especially in the amateur field there is a lack of personnel everywhere. Really many young talents in the referee area are not moving up either. The withdrawal of “Collinas Erben” shows all the more clearly how explosive the situation is for the DFB and German football. There are no real solutions to hate and hostility, especially on the internet.

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