The second season of the historical drama miniseries Our Wonderful Years has lost a significant number of viewers. While more than 3 million watched the first episode on Saturday, on Wednesday evening there were only 2.57 million (9.9 percent from 8:15 p.m.) and 2 for episodes 3 and 4 of the ARD six-part series, which was broadcast in double episodes. 23 million (8.9 percent as of 9 p.m.). The end of the season should be next Wednesday (March 22nd).

In the spring of 2020 – during the corona pandemic that was just starting with the lockdown – the television series based on the novel by Peter Prange with actresses such as Elisa Schlott, Vanessa Loibl, Anna Maria Mühe and Katja Riemann had each attracted around six million viewers .

The winner of the ratings in prime time on Wednesday was the ZDF quiz show “You’ll never figure it out!” with Johannes B. Kerner, which watched an average of 3.28 million, which corresponded to a 12.8 percent market share. Behind it was the thriller repeat “Wilsberg: Internal Affaires” – a thriller from 2008 – on ZDFneo with 2.13 million viewers (8.3 percent).

Sat.1 reached with the new show “The 1% Quiz – How clever is Germany?” with Jörg Pilawa 1.47 million (5.8 percent), Vox with the crime series “CSI: Vegas” 1.42 million (5.5 percent), RTL with the dome soap “The Bachelor” 1.35 million (5.4 percent), ProSieben with the comedy show “TV total” with Sebastian Pufpaff 1.33 million (5.1 percent), RTLzwei with the docu-soap “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family!” 880,000 (3.7 percent) and Kabel eins with the American sci-fi drama “The Hunger Games – Mockingjay (2)” with Jennifer Lawrence averaged 850,000 (3.7 percent).