Globe or Astro Jump Ball, Moon Ball, Jumping Ball or simply Spring Ball: There are many different names for a currently particularly popular rubber ball. Basically, they are all similar and only differ slightly in material, feel, appearance and handling. But why is the little bouncing ball so popular with children right now? We took a closer look at the trend.

There are certainly a few reasons why the Jump Ball is currently so popular:

Since the balls have a high bounce and are not exactly small or particularly soft, kids should of course be careful when using them in the apartment. Positive: There is no risk of choking even for smaller children; biting off parts of the ball and swallowing them is unlikely. But if you choose a very soft model, you should keep an eye on your small children so that nothing happens. Cases in which, for example, an excessive proportion of the plasticizer DIBP (diisobutyl phthalate) have been detected are not yet known. When purchasing, it is best to pay attention to the reviews from other buyers in order to be able to rule out possible dangers or (quality) defects.

And by the way: Your children should of course not believe promises made on TikTok, such as that the ball will always land back in their hands. Even if you can throw it in a controlled manner. The handy balls are ideal for playing, practicing catching and throwing, exploring gravity and other creative ball games. Also as a party bag at a child’s birthday party.

There are many different models on the market: in bright colors, with stars or a galaxy print, a little harder or squishy so that children can dent them a little. Depending on your preferences, you should choose the right model. As a rule, the Moon Ball is a little harder and more stable than other comparable models. But the following applies to you: test it out and take a picture for yourself.

The Moon Ball is from a specific brand and is slightly harder than other models. It has very good bounce, but is less easy to crumple in the hand.

Other jump balls, like the Astro Jump Ball, which appears more often on TikTok or YouTube Shorts, are a little softer, but have a comparable bounce. Although there are some differences in price, the bounce is usually slightly different. And all models are generally robust.

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