There are certainly better gardening jobs than standing on a rickety ladder with a shovel, brush and bucket to scrape dirt out of the gutter. Even more so when the leaves, flowers

Anyone who wants to clean their gutter or clogged downpipe is usually faced with at least two problems: First: The gutter hangs so high that normal-sized people cannot reach it without tools. Secondly: If you don’t want to use a ladder, you won’t be able to see exactly where the leaves are and the gutter needs to be cleared of leaves accordingly.

For the former, there are so-called telescopic handles, which can be used to reach gutters three meters high. They have several advantages. As a rule, you can attach the tool you need and start working in no time. So they can be used flexibly. But it is more important that you have a firm footing while working and can move freely. It doesn’t work that way with a ladder. Now you just have to decide how clean you want the gutter to be. If you just want to remove the leaves and coarse dirt, it’s best to use a gutter cleaner that doesn’t require water (there’s a set with a shovel and scraper here). Handling is simple. Place a cleaner such as a rake or something similar on a compatible telescopic pole and off you go. Devices like this gutter cleaner from Gardena are usually T-shaped, with one arm slightly angled so that the cleaning brush can reach over the edge of the gutter into the gutter. The other arm is more responsible for the rough stuff. The scraper can be used to loosen and scrape out stubborn leaves and other debris.

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For anyone who wants to give their gutters an even more thorough cleaning, there are tools that can also be connected to a high-pressure cleaner. This also includes the “PDRS 10 A1” gutter cleaning set from Lidl’s own brand Parkside. Here, a gutter cleaning carriage is placed in the gutter and connected to a hose using an adapter. Water march! You only need a ladder to place the cleaning sled in the gutter. Tip: Remove the worst dirt from the gutter before using the high-pressure cleaner to blast water through the pipe.

Spring and fall are the best seasons to clean your gutters. If you can’t make it twice a year, you should focus on autumn. In September and October, a lot of leaves can collect in the gutters and should be removed before the first nights of frost. Depending on the location of the house or garden, you should regularly take a look at the gutter and, if in doubt, remove moss and dirt from time to time. All you need is a pair of simple gardening gloves, a hand brush (with a long handle), a shovel and a bucket. If you don’t want to climb the ladder again next spring or fall or have to laboriously fumble the leaves out of the gutter, you should install a leaf guard or a gutter screen. They are placed or placed on the gutter from above and prevent the gutter from being filled with colorful leaves.

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