Wearing a classic costume, be it lederhosen or a dirndl, is a tradition at Oktoberfest – and not just among Bavarians. People from all over the world dress up every year at the largest folk festival in the world. We have found out for you which color combinations, cuts and accessories will be particularly popular in 2023. O’zapft is!

This year, dark colors are among the must-haves at Oktoberfest: from dark blue to dark green to dark red, many manufacturers are relying on strong nuances – often in combination with a black dirndl blouse (also with lace). As far as materials are concerned, velvet or jacquard 2023 will increasingly be found on many dresses. If this look is too extravagant for you, you can of course still get classic dirndls in subtle pastel tones, which are particularly popular at Oktoberfest.

The dirndl itself is still classic in 2023. The matching blouse, on the other hand, presents a new cut: this year, high-necked models are very trendy – with a stand-up collar or without. As for the sleeves, there are still short-sleeved and long-sleeved models. The length, however, remains the same. Whether you ultimately choose a white or black dirndl blouse is a question of taste. This also applies to the question of whether you choose a (transparent) model made of lace or an opaque one.

When it comes to matching shoes with a dirndl, flat ballerinas are still one of the must-haves at Oktoberfest. Although they are usually simple, they are also very comfortable – and particularly practical when dancing on the tables. Alternatively, color-coordinated pumps are also among the 2023 trends; if you like something a little more extravagant, choose a transparent shoe this year. Depending on the weather, ankle boots with heels are also welcome, but flat sneakers are still a well-known no-go at the Oktoberfest in combination with a classic dirndl.

In addition to the blouse and apron (which is already included in many “sets”), there is another – although not obvious – detail that completes the typical Oktoberfest look: the dirndl bra. Here, too, black and dark red models are among the latest trends for 2023. However, since the popular accessories are at least seen, white or beige bras continue to be popular. Whether with lace, push-up effect or plain is ultimately a question of personal taste.

Once the outfit is complete, all you need are the right accessories – especially a silk scarf that matches the color of your dirndl. Floral headdresses are ideal for the head, such as a hairband with flowers. A classic headband is also welcome at Oktoberfest. If you like it traditional, you can wear a traditional necklace – there is even a matching handbag with the popular heart pendant.

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