Helene Fischer addressed her mother in an emotional concert speech. “Mom, I know what you feel, and I now know what it’s like to worry,” said the 39-year-old, who now has a daughter of her own. The pop singer is known for her elaborate shows with stage acrobatics and recently suffered serious injuries during rehearsals and performances. Now she is back on stage.

She promised her mother: “I am never careless, I never approach anything carelessly.” Then she added: “Don’t worry, mom, everything is safe!” A fan captured the moment on video and later posted the clip on the TikTok platform. “Bild.de” first reported about it.

Fischer emphasized that the stage show was valuable for her as an artist: “Who knows whether when I’m 60 I won’t just want to sit there and sing for you. But I want to use this moment now and exhaust myself completely.”

In the spring, Helene Fischer had to postpone concerts because she broke a rib during rehearsals for her show. In June, the singer injured her face at a concert. This was followed by a pause.