A total solar eclipse was observed over Mexico, the USA and Canada on Monday (April 8). The moon passes between the sun and the earth and completely covers the sun. While the event was followed via live streams in other countries, some US celebrities did not miss the celestial spectacle outside their four walls and posted photos of their experience on social media.

Jessica Biel (42) even appeared on Instagram before the event. “If you have glasses, take yourself outside,” she wrote alongside a selfie in which she was wearing solar eclipse protective glasses.

Kevin Bacon (65) also presented himself on Instagram with protective glasses and with his “The Bondsman” series colleagues. In the photo they look enthusiastically at the sky together.

Jamie Lee Curtis (65) sent a wish to heaven with glasses on his nose. She captioned the photo, in which she looks toward the sky with her hands together: “Pray that the solar eclipse can reset the world in peace!” Stars like Kelly Osbourne (39) and Reese Witherspoon (48) also followed the spectacle live in the sky, as they revealed in Instagram stories.

Taylor Swift (34) took the day as an opportunity to publish appropriate lines of text from her upcoming album “The Tortured Poets Department” in an Instagram story. In one video, a typewriter types, among other things: “Half moonshine, full eclipse.” (in German: “Half moonlight, complete solar eclipse.”)

For Jessica Alba (42), the solar eclipse has the meaning of closure and letting go: “Wherever you are, whether you can see the solar eclipse or not, it will be energetically felt all over the world,” she explained in her post. “So I hope you take a moment to connect, to fill yourself with love, to meditate with the energy, to let go of what no longer serves you.” And Bonnie Tyler (72) is happy that her hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is the unofficial anthem of the special day, as she revealed to “Good Morning America”. “I still get excited when I hear the song on the radio,” Tyler said. “Every time the eclipse comes, they play ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ all over the world and I never get tired of singing it.”