Reaching for EXTRA chewing gum promises more than just short-term freshness. With EXTRA Refreshers, Germany’s leading chewing gum brand is expanding its range to include intensive chewing pleasure. The innovative sugar-free soft chewing gum option fulfills the desire for chewing fun and enjoyment, especially for GenZ. As a loyal companion in hectic everyday life, EXTRA Refreshers offers fruity and fresh moments with the flavors Strawberry Lemon, Tropical, Peppermint and Bubblemint.

Whether it’s a bumpy start to the day, a low energy level in the afternoon or while studying, at work, before exercise or during a social gathering with friends – EXTRA Refreshers offers a taste boost and ensures a refreshing moment. The unique cube shape of the EXTRA Refreshers chewing gums is slightly larger than the classic dragées and offers a crisp coating with a soft core. As soon as you put them in your mouth, they reveal their full potential: the delicious aromas dance on the tongue and enliven the moment with joy and a good mood.

Win one of 3 packages consisting of 15 cans of EXTRA Refreshers with a total value of approximately 134 euros. Good luck!

Deadline for participation is May 8th, 2024. Prize: 3x 15 cans of EXTRA Refreshers worth approx. €45 each. Provider: Mars GmbH