Flowers and chocolates are probably too boring: The children of “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Tori Spelling (51) decided on a completely different present for Mother’s Day. As she now revealed, her five offspring gave her a belly piercing. That was exactly her case, enthused Spelling.

In the new episode of her podcast “misSPELLING”, the former series star revealed the unusual Mother’s Day gift and also said that her children watched her get her new body jewelry. On Sunday, May 19, Spelling also posted a video on her Instagram page in which she shows off the two piercings on the side of her stomach.

She is proud that the five of them gave her the skin piercings on May 12th: “My children know me so well.” The campaign is “totally me” and suits her very well.

Speaking to her friend Jessica Amer on the podcast, she says she’s “really proud” of her stomach and has been wearing “a lot of crop tops lately.” After all, she had five babies, she emphasized. “I always showed off my stomach because it was one of my favorite parts of myself. And now I’m doing it again and people are saying, stop dressing like a teenager.” But for her, the piercing has now come full circle.

In 2006, the actress married Dean McDermott (57), whom she met while filming. The couple had son Liam Aaron (17), daughter Stella Doreen (15), daughter Hattie Margaret (12), son Fin Davey (11) and son Beau Dean (7). After several relationship crises, the couple announced their separation in August 2023, and Tori Spelling filed for divorce at the end of March 2024.