After 14 years, the broadcaster CBS wants to stop the successful crime series “Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York” next winter. Since 2010, “Magnum” star Tom Selleck (79) has appeared in one of the main roles in the US TV series as New York police officer Frank Reagan. The 79-year-old doesn’t want to accept without saying a word that the series will end this year. Instead, he is committed to further seasons. In an interview with the “Town

In his opinion, no one talks about how successful the crime series actually is. “It’s the third-highest-grossing scripted series in television. We’re winning Friday nights and doing well at Paramount. The show isn’t in decline,” Selleck said. “I’m not saying this to brag. […] CBS doesn’t talk about how well the series is doing.” If his efforts to preserve “Blue Bloods” are unsuccessful, Selleck has other wishes for his future career: “I hope that there will be another Western for me in the future.”

In another interview with “CBS Sunday Mornings,” Selleck even feared that without the paycheck from the series he would be forced to give up his ranch in Ventura Country, California. Maintaining the house and its land would definitely be a problem if he stopped working. “Do I have enough to live on? Yes, but maybe not with a 63-acre ranch!”

Tom Selleck became known as Hawaiian private detective Thomas Magnum in the 1980 crime series “Magnum.” He also appeared as Dr. for ten episodes from 1996. Richard Burke can be seen in the cult series “Friends” as the friend of Monica Geller (played by Courteney Cox, 59). He has been playing Frank Reagan in “Blue Bloods” since fall 2010.