On Saturday (April 6, 2024) “The Masked Singer” starts its tenth round. The anniversary season comes with three innovations, as ProSieben announced in a press release. For the first time, there will be a mask behind which a different celebrity will be in each episode. The mystery is the name of the figure with a Venetian carnival mask and a magnificent outfit in black, gold and blue.

The mystery is revealed in each episode. The audience will find out the identity of two prominent candidates on all six Saturdays. As usual, the star whose singing performance can encourage the fewest viewers to call will be unmasked in the anniversary season. To establish the mystery, a total of 14 celebrities are taking part, more than ever before in the history of “The Masked Singer”.

In addition to the mystery, four masks are already known for round 10: a crocodile, a robot dog, a coach potato and a pink cotton candy. Four more characters are still open.

The next innovation: “The Masked Singer” will be more inclusive than ever. In parallel to the TV broadcast on ProSieben, the in-house provider Joyn has a stream in sign language. The musical performances are translated as Deaf Performance. “Facial expressions, gestures and movement are visually interpreted for people with hearing impairments,” as ProSieben writes.

When broadcasting on TV, the station also offers live subtitles in teletext and live audio descriptions in the Joyn app.

The third innovation, which ProSieben communicated via a press release, was already certain. Palina Rojinski (38) and Rick Kavanian (53) form the new permanent guessing team. Ruth Moschner (47), who has always been on the jury with the exception of season three, is history. Rick Kavanian already advised last season from the fourth episode onwards. The comedian represented Álvaro Soler (33), who resigned for personal reasons. In the first episode of the anniversary season, the new duo receives support from singer Max Giesinger (35).

One thing remains the same in the tenth round. Matthias Opdenhövel (53) remains the moderator of “The Masked Singer”.