The Writers Guild of America strike, which has been going on since May 2nd, is currently bringing many US film and series productions to a standstill. However, fans of the fantasy series “The Rings of Power” do not have to fear a postponed start of the second season.

According to Variety magazine, filming should be completed by the end of May as planned. Nothing stands in the way of the start of broadcasting of the season planned for mid-2024. In order to prevent delays and immense downtime costs, the remaining shoots will be carried out without the “showrunner” J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay graduated.

Showrunners are a specialty of the British and American TV and film industry. As with the writing duo Payne and McKay, these are usually experienced screenwriters who act as executive producers on shoots and have great creative decision-making power. As members of the screenwriters’ union, they are forbidden from influencing the shooting during the strike.

As “Variety” further reports, the two showrunners, together with the rest of the production team, had already prepared thoroughly for their foreseeable failure in the run-up to the strike. In their stead, the season’s non-writing producers and directors are currently overseeing production filming in the UK.