The police took action against supporters of the right-wing extremist micro-party The Third Way in front of the elementary and high school in Burg im Spreewald. A letter from teachers describing right-wing extremist incidents at the Brandenburg school had previously caused a nationwide sensation.

A spokesman for the southern police department said on Wednesday that three people who belonged to the party were handing out leaflets to passers-by right in front of the school. They also put stickers on lanterns. The police gave the three men a place reference for Burg, as the spokesman said.

The police are still showing increased presence at the school, it said. There was a kind of crisis meeting of experts and teachers on Wednesday because of the debate about right-wing extremism in everyday school life.

The smallest party, The Third Way, which the Office for the Protection of the Constitution classifies as right-wing extremist, wrote itself that members of its youth organization “National Revolutionary Youth” were active in Burg. According to a police spokesman, they do not come from the Spree-Neisse district.

The 2022 report for the protection of the constitution stated that the third way had around 60 members in Brandenburg. The smallest party represents “a clearly right-wing extremist image of the state and society”.

The police also sent a letter to the school in Burg and pointed out that the police could be contacted at any time if they had any information. Following the letter from the teachers last week, the investigation into four complexes with criminal relevance continues.

On the one hand, there is the saying “Work sets you free”, which according to the teachers is said to have been said in class. This phrase became known through its use on the gates of Nazi concentration camps. On the other hand, the Hitler salute is said to have been shown in physical education. A group photo that has surfaced shows young people doing the Hitler salute, and there is a complaint from the school about graffiti on school furniture, such as swastikas.

Teachers had reported daily right-wing extremism, sexism and homophobia. Employees and students who acted openly against right-wing students and families feared for their safety, according to the letter, whose authors wished to remain anonymous.