Climate activists from the Last Generation group spray-painted private jets at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. The group said the activists cut through the airport fence with wire cutters and rode bicycles to the General Aviation Terminal (GAT).

Private jets and business flights depart from the GAT. Private jets parked there were sprayed with orange paint over a large area. The campaign could be seen via live stream on Twitter, among other places, and a sprayed plane is clearly visible in the video.

“Warning signal against ruthless climate destruction”

Upon request, the airport and the federal police confirmed that activists had gained access to the security area of ​​the airport. It was not initially confirmed whether they had sprayed private jets. It also remained unclear how many activists were on the site.

“Our color campaign transformed the private jets from a symbol of excessive luxury to a beacon against the ruthless climate destruction being carried out by a minority of the super-rich at the expense of the majority,” said one of the activists, according to the Last Generation statement.