Whether Oscar-winning acting performance, the most famous plumber in the world or the phenomenon Michael Jordan (60): In April, cinema once again shows its most varied side. It starts with the animated film “The Super Mario Bros. Film”, in the English original of which Marvel star Chris Pratt (43) takes on villain Bowser. “Air – the big hit” tells the story of how the legendary Air Jordan basketball shoes came about. The touching highlight of the cinema month: The drama “The Whale”, for which Brendan Fraser (54) rightly won the Oscar for “Best Actor” in early March.

While repairing a water pipe underground, Brooklyn plumbers Mario and Luigi are suddenly sucked into a mysterious pipe and end up in a magical new world. When the brothers get separated there, Mario embarks on a gigantic journey to find Luigi. With the support of the mushroom head Toad and thanks to a training from Princess Peach, the strong-willed ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario discovers unexpected powers in himself.


While plumber Mario has been an integral part of the video game world for decades, his cinema adventures (the bizarre real-life film “Super Mario Bros.” from 1993 can be suppressed) are very much in check. As is usual with animated films, a major selling point – including Hollywood star Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario – is missing for the German audience. In return, big and small moviegoers can wrap themselves in plenty of Nintendo nostalgia. Because in the meantime, the current generation of parents has already jumped on countless tortoises.

“Air – The Great Throw” tells the incredible story of the partnership between then-newcomer Michael Jordan and the up-and-coming basketball division of Nike, which revolutionized not only the world of sports but also contemporary culture with the “Air Jordan” brand. The film also follows the unconditional devotion of a mother who believes in her son’s extraordinary talent – and the basketball phenomenon who would become the greatest player of all time.


Hero worship American style: “Air – the big hit”, starring Matt Damon (52) and Ben Affleck (50), who also directed it, celebrates the ideal of the American dream using another unusual success story as an example. Apparently, the film “only” tells the story of the birth of a (admittedly world-famous) sneaker. But of course there is much more behind the creation of the legendary Air Jordans – culturally and politically.

The English professor Charlie (Fraser) has not only withdrawn from society completely after a severe stroke of fate, he has also become obsessed with eating. He hasn’t left his small apartment since then, and he keeps his head above water financially through online courses with the camera switched off. His only contact with the outside world is his good friend Liz (Hong Chau, 43), who reluctantly provides him with his food requests and takes care of his medical needs as best she can. Charlie’s last wish before his inevitable death is to be reconciled with his 17-year-old daughter Ellie (Sadie Sink, 20), whose heart he broke many years ago.


While “The Whale” in the USA has been moving cinema audiences since December 2022, film fans in Germany will have to wait until the end of April. Brendan Fraser’s triumph at the Oscars shows that the wait was worth it. “The Whale” is a drama that is as touching as it is ruthless, in which the other actors and actresses of the intimate cast also shine. Above all, however, is Fraser and his self-sacrificing performance – it is probably the role of his life.