In the first episode of “The Summer House of the Stars” Valentina Doronina (23) and Can Kaplan (27) had already emerged as a problem couple – both internally and in their interaction with the other couples. In episode two (Tuesday, 8:15 p.m. on RTL – also on RTL) they at least try to break their isolation in the house. Finally, the mood at the end of the opening episode showed that the couple is on the general hit list.

Can chooses the wooden hammer as his tool for making contact. He offers Ricarda “Ricky” Raatz (31) to make her some tea – but only if she chooses his rival Aleksandar “Aleks” Petrovic (32) in the next nomination. Ricarda, of course, tells Alek’s friend Vanessa Nwattu (23) about this very warmly.

In the first game, the celebrity couples have to work closely together once again. In pairs they are put into a hoofed animal costume. The woman is in front and is the only one who sees the obstacle course. The man hangs blindly on her, his upper body bent 90 degrees. Relay senior Claudia Obert (61) gives up in the middle of the race. Full of a guilty conscience that she is slowing down her young partner Max Suhr (25).

Three couples make it to the final. In addition to the harmonious high-performance duo Eric (34) and Edith Stehfest (28), these are the arch enemies Aleks/Vanessa and Can/Walentina. Both are relieved that the Stehfests prevailed and are therefore safe from being nominated.

Ricky and Maurice “Mo” Dziwak (25) once again tear each other apart during and after the game. No wonder they were even lapped on the course. Mo blames Ricky’s supposed lack of motivation. He sees himself and Ricky in the summer house more as a sporting team than as a couple. It is now known where this leads. After the recording, they broke up.

In the second game, Mo is the weak part. His fear of heights is his downfall. The couples have to balance on two high wires and answer questions. Claudia also fails because of acrophobia. “I’m the wrong woman for you,” she says, genuinely frustrated, to her lover, who is 35 years her junior.

Tim Toupet (51) deserves special praise in the second episode. In the first episode he scolded his girlfriend Carina Crone (33) like a child, today he praises her beyond words after both games. He takes the blame for her failure as a team.

Things are less harmonious for Valentina and Can in the high ropes course. “Go away with your fucking head,” she yells at him – “We’re not a team,” is her conclusion. Nevertheless, they win the game. But they only find out at the end of the show.

At first there is a fight between Can and Aleks. The reason is an incident while brushing your teeth. Aleks spits loudly into the sink. Can then calls him a “snotter”. Aleks quickly counters with a “snot spoon”. Further insults follow, from “little man” (muscular man Aleks to the slight Can) and “stranger” as a reference to the seduction show “Temptation Island”, in which Vanessa and Aleks met.

Mo wants to mediate, but is so aggressively aggressive that he soon surpasses Aleks and Can in terms of volume. He calls Valentina a “wrong Olle” who instigates the actually correct Can into trouble. Both of them don’t want to let this go.

The twist comes at the end of the episode. Valentina and Can are announced as winners of the high wire game. Instead of being happy, the reality actress acknowledged the news of victory with a double middle finger. De-escalation works differently. An exciting third episode of “Summer House of the Stars” is guaranteed.