If the term pearl nails doesn’t (yet) mean anything to you: These are mother-of-pearl nail polishes, usually in subtle colors like beige, white or pink, which give your fingernails a subtle and elegant shine. It is not without reason that this trend is also referred to as the Summer Glow – as it makes your nails on your hands and feet shine. If you like it extravagant, this summer you can decorate the shimmering nail polish with fine pearls or rhinestones. You can find out how this works best and what you should consider when applying and removing Pearl Nails as follows.

If you want to give your fingernails that trendy summer glow, you should use a pearlescent nail polish. Alternatively, you can also use a chrome nail powder (including base and top coat), which will give you a similar effect. For best results, we recommend using a base coat before applying nail polish. It evens out small bumps on the fingernails and thus ensures a smooth surface. Then it’s time for painting – ideally with a shimmering color. Finally, this is sealed with a top coat to keep the fresh pearl nails shining for as long as possible.

Another tip: Essie’s “Pearly White” nail polish is said to be particularly suitable for pearl nails. It contains fine micro-pigments that reflect the light and thus create the shimmering pearl effect.

If you want to take full advantage of the nail polish trend of the summer, combine your finished pearl nails with small rhinestones or pearls – preferably with a flattened side, then they can be glued on better. Unless you decide to use self-adhesive beads. These can either be placed in the middle of the shimmering color, right next to the cuticle or at the top of the fingernail – it depends on your personal taste. An important working utensil that you need for sticking on the shiny accessories is a pair of tweezers. You also need nail glue to attach the stones to the painted nails.

Important: Let the nail polish dry well before you decorate it with pearls or stones. Then put some glue (not too much, otherwise it will overflow on the sides) on the underside of the rhinestones and press them carefully in the desired place with the tweezers.

If you want to repaint your nails, not only does the old color have to be removed, but also the pearls or rhinestones glued to it. To remove these by hand, it is best to use old cuticle nippers. With it, the fine accessories can be gripped better and released more gently. You can then file off any residue of the glue with a nail file – or you can use a standard nail polish remover to remove the residue and color from your fingernails.

Note: Do not use a file to file the remains of the beads or stones, otherwise fine dust may be released and inhaled, which is not good for your health.

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