A few weeks after their divorce became known, a real war of the roses broke out between Joe Jonas (34) and Sophie Turner (27). Among other things, the two argue about where their two daughters should grow up. Jonas wants to raise his children in the United States, Turner prefers her native Great Britain. New documents now show: A few months ago the couple actually planned to move completely to England.

The gossip portal “Page Six” has court documents that show that Joe Jonas was still enthusiastic about the idea of ​​moving to Great Britain three months before the marriage ended. On June 16th he wrote a letter to a house owner – with the aim of convincing him to sell him his property in Wallingford, Oxford.

“When my wife and I decided to spend more time in the UK and look for a permanent home, our daughter expressed three unavoidable requirements: chickens, a pony and a Wendy house,” the 34-year-old writes, according to Page Six. in the letter. “While many of the homes we viewed fit these criteria, the moment we laid eyes on the enchanting blue shutters, we experienced a feeling of magic we’d never felt before,” enthuses Jonas.

Back then, Jonas could already imagine his future life in England: “I’m blown away by the idea of ​​taking my children to school on the boat and spending a relaxing afternoon going to the pub with friends on my own boat drive,” “Page Six” continues to quote from the letter. “We can see that your family has really enjoyed living here. We can imagine our children growing up here and making it our ‘forever’ home.”

Apparently Joe Jonas was able to convince the seller of the house with his letter: According to “Page Six”, he accepted the couple’s offer. They paid a £750,000 deposit on July 7 – just two months before their split. The purchase of the house was scheduled to be finalized on December 2nd of this year.

The court documents also show that Jonas and Turner agreed to permanently move to England at the end of 2022. Turner states that her oldest daughter, Willa (3), was enrolled in kindergarten starting in April. The couple sold their Florida home in August. According to Turner, between May 5 and July 31, all of the family’s possessions were brought to England.

Sophie Turner states in the documents that she asked her daughters’ father to take her children back to England, but he refused. Last week, Turner sued her ex because he allegedly refused to let the children travel to their native Great Britain. He is said to have refused to hand over the passports of Willa and Delphine (1). On September 25th, the two finally agreed that their two daughters would remain in New York until the custody issue was resolved. According to the agreement, neither Sophie Turner nor Joe Jonas would be allowed to leave the state with the children.

The singer and the actress got together in 2016. Their engagement in 2017 was followed by a wedding in Las Vegas two years later. At the beginning of September, Joe Jonas is said to have filed for divorce. The couple confirmed their separation in a joint statement on Instagram. “After four wonderful years, we have decided together and in friendship to end our marriage.”