Kate Beckinsale (50) knows how to attract attention with the right outfit: On Thursday evening, the actress attended the Zodiac Ball in Los Angeles. True to the motto of the event, “Heavenly Surrealism,” she surprised everyone with an extremely bizarre outfit.

At Houdini Estate, the ball’s venue, Beckinsale wore a head-to-toe gold look. This consisted of a tight-fitting bodysuit with gold applications, a matching wide-brimmed hat and a floor-length, transparent veil. The 50-year-old also wore delicate gold platform high heels. In her Instagram story, the actress stated that her outfit was designed by the label Tony Ward Couture. She also immortalized her bizarre glamor outfit with her own Instagram post.

The ball’s motto encourages one to “explore one’s spiritual self while embodying a universal paradox,” according to the Zodiac Ball’s website. Zodiac means zodiac signs in German. “A person’s zodiac sign is the one in which the sun was when they were born. In astrology, it is believed that a person’s personality can be predicted based on their zodiac sign.” By the way, Kate Beckinsale’s star sign is Leo.

In addition to Beckinsale, prominent guests at the ball included Britney Spears’ ex-partner Sam Asghari (29), actress Tara Reid (47) and real estate entrepreneur Mohamed Hadid (74), the father of the Hadid sisters Gigi (28) and Bella (26), represented. The ball is organized annually by the fashion label Balmain, which uses the proceeds from the event to support the aid organization Children’s Oncology Support Fund. The donations go to children suffering from cancer.