Artificial intelligence opens up completely new dimensions for fantasy and fiction. Programs like ChatGPT are slowly but surely integrating into our everyday life. With the help of an AI, artists are now also designing the future of the royal kids.

A glimpse into the supposed future has never been as easy as it is today. Fictional AI images showing Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte as teenagers are currently circulating on social media platforms. Prince William and Princess Kate’s children are currently between ten and five years old.

Pictures showing the royal children in their teenage years can be found on various royal fan sites. The social media snowball effect makes it difficult to trace exactly who created these images. AI images of Prince George can also be found online, showing the second in line to the throne as a young adult.

Anyone who has ever wondered how the cheekiest member of the royal family, Prince Louis, whom his mother Kate herself described as a kamikaze child in an interview, will look like as a teenager, gets an idea here:

We’ll have to be patient for a while before we can see for ourselves how close the AI ​​conception of the royal kids is to reality. But it will be interesting to see how big the differences to the AI ​​image really are.

Fun fact: Anyone who has gotten a taste for it can also age their own children or even invent them by having photos of themselves and their partner put together in special AI apps like Remini.

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