In Berlin, the investigations against Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann (60) have been discontinued. This was announced, among other things, by the musician’s lawyers. This decision was made “due to a lack of sufficient suspicion,” according to a letter. The musician has now also commented on the termination of the investigation. In an Instagram story he shared a press release from the Berlin public prosecutor’s office on the discontinued investigation, in another he simply wrote in a statement: “I would like to thank everyone who waited impartially for the investigation to end.”

Northern Irishwoman Shelby Lynn stated in May of this year that she “was drugged at a Rammstein concert in Vilnius (Lithuania) on May 23, 2023”. Shortly thereafter, several women, including influencer Kayla Shyx, made allegations in a YouTube video. In an official letter from the Vilnius public prosecutor’s office on June 23, 2023, it was announced that there would be no preliminary proceedings against Lindemann. This decision was made “after proper investigation and evaluation of the data obtained to clarify the circumstances of the incident”.

In mid-June, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office initiated investigations against the musician. “The rapid termination of the investigation by the Berlin public prosecutor’s office shows that there is insufficient evidence or evidence that our client allegedly committed sexual offenses,” says the letter from Lindemann’s lawyers. “What all complainants have in common is that their criminal complaints were not based on their own experience, but solely on the statements of Shelby Lynn, Kayla Shyx and subsequent media reports.” Because the “complainers are not among the alleged victims of Till Lindemann, they are not entitled to appeal against the termination of the proceedings”.