The smartphone has become an indispensable companion in everyday life for many people. Therefore, it should be well protected with a case. And: So mach ein:r likes to show it off visually. But what is particularly popular at the moment? Introducing the 2023 phone case trend.

And precisely because the smartphone is constantly being pulled out, it is all the better if it radiates a good mood directly through the case. So one of the trends of 2023 is phone cases that do just that. For example, with colorful patterns, floral designs or bright colors: whether red, yellow or green, rainbow, glitter, or, or, or. Everything that pleases and creates an eye-catching effect is allowed. Sayings or prints with meaning are also particularly popular: for example the dove of peace or a model you have designed yourself.

The topic of sustainability is also present in the 2023 mobile phone case trend – justifiably so. And now design and sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive. There are great sustainable eye-catcher models that cover the smartphone with a clear conscience and convey an important message: Please think of our earth in everything you do. Certainly more important than ever in 2023. Models made of wood or recycled material make a visual statement and also socially.

In recent years, the mobile phone case has been further developed and came with a chain to hang around your neck or several functions at the same time (car mount, holder for selfies, etc.). In 2023, too, the case with a function should not be missing, for example with a cell phone chain that keeps the beloved smartphone on the body – even if you don’t have a pocket free for it. Of course, this variant is particularly suitable for larger models.

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