Meat has long been part of the diet as a matter of course, but more and more people are making a conscious decision to deal with it more consciously. They partially or even completely avoid meat products. The supermarkets and discounters are also taking this into account – more and more meat substitute products can be seen in the shops.

Lidl is also changing its range. According to a report in the “Lebensmittel-Zeitung”, the discounter wants to offer significantly fewer products with animal proteins in the future – for reasons of climate protection. Instead, more vegetarian and vegan products should be represented. “There is no alternative to the change,” said Christoph Graf, chief buyer at Lidl in Germany. His justification: “Because there is no second planet.”

“We need a more conscious diet around the world to feed ourselves within our planetary boundaries,” said Graf. Lidl also wants to do its part, but without incurring any financial losses. The discounter hopes that the change will appeal to younger customers in particular.

The at least partial departure from meat products could even be economically worthwhile: “I think that the younger generation will be happy if we deal with the topic,” said Graf of the “Lebensmittel-Zeitung”. “The pressure to innovate is huge in this area. A schnitzel is a schnitzel. You can’t change much there. A lot has happened in sensory terms in the replacement products.”

Nevertheless, there will still be animal products on the Lidl shelves. One does not want to dictate the customers their diet, but to motivate them, explained Graf. There will be special theme weeks at Lidl in the future. By the year 2025, the proportion of products with vegetable proteins should “continuously grow”, according to the chief buyer.

Source: “Food Newspaper”

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