On September 14, 2023 Amy Winehouse would have been 40 years old. However, the successful singer died tragically in July 2011 in London at the age of only 27. She was found lifeless in her house. It later turned out that the singer died of alcohol poisoning, she is said to have had 4.16 per mille in her blood.

When you think back to the singer with the backcombed hair, you automatically think of alcohol and drug consumption alongside her legendary music. Her father wants to change that by publishing a book that brings together the singer’s diary entries and notes: “Amy Winehouse – In Her Words” it says.

Mitch Winehouse would like to remind you that Amy Winehouse was much more than this successful singer with a high degree of addiction. He told ET Online: “Amy is so much more than the singer, the person struggling with addiction, so much more than that. She was loving, kind, a wonderful family member and a wonderful friend. That is what we want people to know about Amy.”

Although he doesn’t want to falsify or downplay his daughter’s potential for addiction, it’s important for him to clarify a thing or two: “Not many people know that she was drug-free for three years before she died, so that’s important.” What remained, however, was the alcohol. There has often been speculation in public that Amy Winehouse suffered from mental health problems. Here, too, her father clears up the rumors: “She wasn’t depressed,” he says in an interview with “ET”.

Amy Winehouse was declared dead on a Saturday; on Friday, according to her father, she was still in good spirits, playing the drums and singing along. In her very short career – she released her first album in 2003 and died in 2011 – the artist sold over 30 million albums.

The new book includes never-before-published diaries, handwritten song lyrics and family photos. Her father hopes the diaries convey Amy’s kind heart. Mitch Winehouse told a little anecdote directly: “The paparazzi chased us into the house once and then she said, ‘Dad, I’m sorry for you’. She made them all tea and sandwiches and then in the summer she would go out and play football with them , Do you know?”

After her death, Mitch Winehouse founded the “Amy Winehouse Foundation”, a foundation that primarily helps young people with a variety of problems such as addiction and offers music therapy to children, among other things. A portion of book proceeds will benefit the charity.

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