US singer Pink (“Get The Party Started”) tries to keep her children away from tablets and smartphones whenever possible. “When we go on vacation with other families, for example to go camping, then all the other kids are attached to their iPads, but mine aren’t allowed to,” said the mother of two to the German Press Agency in London. “We don’t do that, but all the other children do.”

That sometimes leads to conflicts with her eleven-year-old daughter Willow, said Pink, who has just released her new album Trustfall. “My daughter then looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, ‘Why am I the only kid who can’t do that?’ And I say, ‘Because you’re the only kid who remembers the camping trip will.”” Pink also has a six-year-old son named Jameson with husband Carey.

In the music video for her current single “Never Gonna Not Dance Again”, the 43-year-old throws the smartphone of an ignorant supermarket cashier into an aquarium – a subtle comment on the fact that many people nowadays stare at their cell phones too often. “We all know that,” said the superstar. When asked if she had her smartphone in her hand too often, the singer was self-critical: “Oh yes! I’m 100 percent guilty.”

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