FC Bayern was able to catch up against Borussia Gladbach on Saturday evening and even win in the end. But that wasn’t what interested Oliver Pocher. The Hanover fan was bothered by an action by Sky expert and ex-soccer player Tabea Kemme.

Kemme wore a jersey from the Spanish women’s national team for her performance on Saturday evening. The moderator wanted to send a signal against the controversial Spanish football president Luis Rubiales. After the World Cup final between the Spaniards and the English, Rubiales kissed player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth at the award ceremony – against her will, as she later explained. Since then, many fans have been demanding the official’s resignation, and he, in turn, refuses and sees no fault in himself. Kemme apparently expressed her solidarity with Hermoso and the other players. Pocher, on the other hand, thought that was exaggerated.

The comedian posted a picture of Kemme, Lothar Matthäus and Sebastian Hellmann on Instagram and wrote: “Sometimes you can overdo it as an expert.” He also made it relatively clear what he thought of the Rubiales scandal. “How a state affair is eventually made out of a definitely questionable scene, which the team on the bus is still amused by… okay… But pick up an example of a quick like again,” the comedian moans. “And there are women who are REALLY abusive,” he says. Kemme shared Pocher’s story and wrote that he would play down sexual assault. He didn’t let that sit, answered again.

“Wearing a Spain shirt certainly made a mark of madness for women who are being sexually assaulted, sitting in the women’s shelter and watching Saturday’s top game on Sky Go,” he replied. “I think Zambia’s federation has much tougher allegations against the coach. So next week, Zambia shirt,” he wrote. To explain: The coach of the women’s national team from Zambia was accused in the run-up to the World Cup of sleeping with players.

For Pocher, Kemme’s action is just an attempt to “collect applause”. “Have a nice Sunday, greetings to Lothar, whom I will soon catch up with in failed marriages,” he jokes at the end of his post.

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