Rare glimpse into Sharon Stone’s (64) family life. On her Instagram account, the actress shared a picture of herself next to her sister Kelly (61) and her mother Dorothy (89). What is special: her three adopted sons Roan (22), Laird (17) and Quinn (16) are also photographed on it. Stone rarely allows a glimpse of her children. Most recently, about two years ago, she published a photo of and with her sons. As a rule, she does not appear with her offspring on official occasions either.

Stone captioned the latest picture: “Lunch with Grandma.” She adopted her eldest son Roan in 2000 while she was still married to her ex-husband Phil Bronstein (72). After their divorce in 2004, Laird and Quinn were adopted. She opened up about her endometriosis in last year’s autobiography, The Beauty of Living Twice. By her own account, she had several miscarriages throughout her life. It was almost impossible for her to have children of her own.

In the comments on the current snapshot, fans and friends are enthusiastic about the sight of the happy family. “Ohhh, nice. What a nice photo of you all, and look at the three boys,” writes Australian musician Chantelle Delaney Sinclair (37). One fan commented, “Oh lovely family your sons have grown up quite a bit.”