Griswold family reunion at Steel City Comic Con. At the event in Monroeville, Alabama, Chevy Chase (79) and Beverly D’Angelo (71) met – and posed together for Instagram and Co. Almost 40 years ago, the two stood together for the first time as Clark and Ellen Griswold in ” The shrill four on the move” (1983) in front of the camera.

Christie Brinkley (68) was also present at the meeting. She played the woman in the red Ferrari who turned Clark’s head in “The Shrill Four on the Road”. The ex-model also had a guest appearance in the fourth Griswold film “The Shrill Four in Las Vegas” (1997).

“The three amigos” wrote Chevy Chase for a group picture he posted on Instagram. The trio wear Christmas jumpers – appropriate for the season and the 1989 Griswold Christmas cult film Happy Birthday. Brinkley didn’t appear in it, though.

Juliette Lewis (49), who plays Clark and Ellen’s daughter in “Beautiful Mess”, reacted to the reunion of her film parents with various emojis.

Chevy Chase also posted a funny video on TikTok that alludes to the roles of the “three amigos” in “The Shrill Four on the Move”. At first, Chase and Beverly D’Angelo sit together as a couple. Then Christie Brinkley comes into the picture and steals his attention.

In the summer of 1983, “The Shrill Four on the Move” (original title “National Lampoon’s Vacation”) started in US cinemas. The road trip through the USA was followed in 1985 by the Europe trip “Help, the Americans are coming”. In 1989 came the X-Mas comedy “Schöne Bescherung” and in 1997 the follow-up “Die schrillen Vier in Las Vegas”.

In 2015, the late sequel “Vacation – Wir sind die Griswolds” was released in cinemas. The focus is on the now adult son Rusty. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo make guest appearances.