The current banking crisis in the US is apparently causing problems for Sharon Stone (65). “I just lost half my money on this bank thing,” the actress admitted in a speech, according to media reports. The US Silicon Valley Bank went bankrupt last week. This caused turbulence on the financial market, and the Swiss bank Credit Suisse also got into trouble.

Sharon Stone was honored with the Women’s Cancer Research Fund’s Courage Award on Thursday. The organization, founded among others by Tom Hanks'(66) wife Rita Wilson (66), collects donations for cancer research, especially for breast cancer therapies. The actress, who herself had suffered from breast cancer and other tumor diseases, was honored for her strength in getting up again and again after misfortune and thus encouraging other sufferers.

In her acceptance speech, Stone encouraged guests to open the wallet to cancer research. It was in this context that the mentioned remark about her financial loss was made. She ended up signing “a damn check” herself, even though she’d just lost a lot of money through “the bank thing.” “But that doesn’t mean I’m not here,” she said of her commitment.

Sharon Stone repeatedly had to accept heavy blows of fate. Before her breast cancer, she suffered a stroke in 2001 and a brain hemorrhage as a result. She had to learn to see, speak and walk anew. She also developed endometriosis, growths of tissue similar to the lining of the uterus. She suffered nine miscarriages as a result.

In 2008, Sharon Stone lost custody of Roan Joseph (now 22), whom she adopted with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein (72). Her role in the erotic thriller “Basic Instinct” (1992) is said to have played a role in the verdict.

In February of this year, Stone also lost her younger brother Patrick, who was 57 years old. A year and a half earlier, Patrick’s little son had died of organ failure at the age of eleven months. Sharon Stone also mentioned her brother’s death in her speech at the fundraiser, which left her in tears.