There’s always something going on at the “Geissens”. This is also the case in the current double episode of “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family”. 18-year-old Shania is taking to the streets of Monaco for her first driving lesson in her sister Davina’s car. Anyone who already suspects that this cannot go well is spot on.

Shortly before the end of the driving lesson, Shania is about to pull into a parking lot when she hits a bollard with her left front tire – much to Davina’s annoyance. “You didn’t do that now!” exclaims the 20-year-old, who is sitting on the back seat of her car. Davina’s driving instructor is also speechless and watches the escalation between the siblings with open mouth. Even if Shania has done well up to that point, she is visibly nervous after her accident and not prepared for Davina’s attacks.

The nerves are raw. “That was because I’m too scared to drive right now,” Shania explains to her sister. “I can’t go any further now.” Davina explodes: “It was so clear that you would break my car. As soon as you got into this car, I knew something was going to happen,” she rushes. “Now the whole rim is broken. And who has to pay for it? Me!”. “Don’t stress me,” counters Shania. “I couldn’t be less interested in that,” says the blonde.

Shania is not aware of her guilt. When the sisters examine the damage together with the driving instructor, the 18-year-old rejects the blame. She is certain: The damaged wheel rim was already broken beforehand. “Rim im Ar***”, says Davina annoyed. “They were before!” counters Shania.

On the whole, she is satisfied with her first driving lesson: “Everything else was okay,” she sums up, adding that she would certainly have reacted differently if Davina hadn’t freaked out so much. “It’s perfectly clear, with all the excitement. If Davina hadn’t been so upset in the car and stressed me out, it wouldn’t have happened,” she explains.

Davina, on the other hand, is not convinced by her sister’s excuses: “Now I know what dad means when someone breaks his rims. That’s how I feel now,” she says annoyed. “It’s just annoying when it wasn’t your fault.” In the meantime, Robert and Carmen Geiss don’t notice their daughters’ quarrels. You are busy planning an Oktoberfest party in St. Tropez.

In the past, there have often been differences of opinion between Shania and Davina, some of which escalated. Since they have been living together in a shared apartment, the sisters have been increasingly at odds, especially when it comes to household matters and the division of labor.

And it never gets boring with the two of them on the go. Just recently, they were squabbling on the back seat of a motorboat. It was pulled, plucked, held, wrestled and slapped with the open hand until Mama Carmen resolutely said, “Stop it!” intervened and ended the argument.

Even in the best of families, there are arguments from time to time. It is basically normal for things to escalate between siblings.