Hollywood star Jamie Foxx (55) was hospitalized in the US state of Georgia in the middle of last week due to “medical complications”. According to his family, he is doing better now. However, he still has to undergo various tests to get to the bottom of the cause of his illness.

After a short break in the ongoing shooting, they continued on April 14 with a body double flown in at lightning speed.

Since it is still unclear when and if Foxx can resume work, it seems that filming with the double is now going into the next round.

As reported by “Page Six” magazine, Cameron Diaz returned to the set of “Back in Action” yesterday (April 17) to continue filming without her film partner. Photos show the “Charlie’s Angels” star with her young colleague McKenna Roberts (15) and the double together at one of the locations.

As TMZ learned, the ailing Foxx still has a full eight days of shooting to complete the film. Realizing these still outstanding scenes only with a double seems extremely unrealistic.