Senta Berger (82) explained in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag” that she is “actually still on the decline” when it comes to the acting business. “I work a lot less now than I did a few years ago, when I made three or four films every year. I definitely wanted to work less because my years are manageable.” She can suppress it quite well and doesn’t think about it often. “I would like to have more time for my four grandchildren and my husband,” says Berger. She no longer wants to travel to Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg for films or other professional appointments. “I’m now deciding whether a film project fits into my life situation.”

Her new film “Do you know”, in which she plays the lead role alongside Günther Maria Halmer (80), was a good fit because, on the one hand, she was impressed by the script of the comedy about the ups and downs of a long marriage and, on the other hand, they found it Filming took place “virtually around the corner, near our house. That means I was back home every evening. That was wonderful.”

When asked whether she could imagine writing a second autobiography, the 82-year-old explained that plans for it had “gone out the window again”. “Firstly because I’ve worked so much as an actress, and secondly because I didn’t want to write a collection of anecdotes that only consisted of name-dropping.” Her family doesn’t want her to write about them and so she is reaching her limits when it comes to the possible content of a new book. “So I don’t know yet whether I’ll write another book about myself.” She doesn’t think so, because basically “you already know everything about me anyway.”