Since his birth, little Lasse Schulakowski from Scharrel (Cloppenburg district in Lower Saxony) has suffered from health problems. The boy was born with only one ventricle and had to undergo several operations.

He died in mid-September at the age of four. He lost consciousness after a cardiac arrhythmia and complications arose during the following emergency operation. Lasse was buried on Saturday with great public sympathy. It was a special kind of funeral procession: More than 300 trucks, tractors and fire engines gave their final escort to the boy who died far too early, reports the “General-Anzeiger”, among others. His parents had previously called for this.

Lasse loved these vehicles, his mother Jana Schulakowski wrote on Facebook, and asked the drivers to roll through the town after the funeral in memory of her son: “The dream of every little boy. Please make this dream true for him.” In fact, their call spread on social networks and numerous truckers agreed to take part in the funeral procession.

Some of the vehicles were decorated with balloons, had their warning lights on, and some had signs reading “Lasse’s last journey” attached to their bumpers. Horns honked in honor of the boy for a minute. Numerous people lined the street. “We didn’t expect so many vehicles. I was expecting around 50,” said the visibly touched mother. “Lasse must have looked at it from above and been happy.”

Sources: “General-Anzeiger” / “T-Online” / Janna Schulakowski on Facebook / Trucker for Kids on Facebook

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