The sun gently tickles your skin and it slowly feels as if spring is finally here. In the meadows the flowers bloom in delicate pastel tones: this current beauty trend makes the nails shine in buttery yellow. The color represents happiness and optimism and is reminiscent of a refreshing summer dessert with a lemon flavor.

The delicate nail color has also found one or two fans among celebrities: Among other things, Selena Gomez (31) loves to spice up her outfits with butter yellow nails, according to celebrity nail designer Tom Bachnik. Here are three ways to integrate the delicate pastel color into your own nail design:

The color butter yellow comes into its own particularly well when it is allowed to unfold on the entire fingernail. Tom Bachnik also swears by this buttery-soft nail design for Selena Gomez’s manicure. In his opinion, the Butter Yellow Nails are on absolute “trend alert”.

The French manicure look is a classic among nail designs: If you dip the nail tips in buttery yellow pastel, you are implementing the beauty trend with a sense of style. The delicate yellow sets a fresh accent – perfect for both everyday life and special occasions!

With the Negative Space Nails trend, only individual areas of the fingernail are covered with color, everything else remains a “negative space” thanks to the clear varnish. Translated for the butter yellow nails trend, this means that only individual areas are painted with butter yellow nail polish, while the rest of the nail is left exposed, creating a creative pattern. This innovative nail design not only captures the lightness of spring, but also gives the nails a unique and modern aesthetic.