Miley Cyrus (30) and Selena Gomez (31) both release their respective new singles on Friday, August 25th. After fans wondered about it, the stars responded with a hilarious clip on their Instagram Stories.

They picked up the titles of their new songs. While Miley Cyrus’ new song is called ‘Used To Be Young’, Selena Gomez chose the title ‘Single Soon’.

“Miley and I both have a single soon and we’re releasing it on the same day,” Gomez wrote in an Instagram story, emphasizing the long bond between the two stars: “We’ve been friends since we were young. I’m looking forward to May 25 August!” She also shared a short clip from her appearance on Cyrus’ previous television series Hannah Montana.

Back then, she played rival Mikayla Skeech, and in the video, the then-teens engaged in a spiteful exchange. While sitting next to each other over a fundraising phone, Gomez’s character said, “I’d love to give you singing lessons. I just heard your new single, ouch.”

Miley Cyrus also shared the old sequence in her story and emphasized: “Selena and Miley are both releasing their new singles soon. I say: We were young.”

The artists have known each other since they were children and accompanied each other through their careers. Her television shows Hannah Montana (2006-2011) and Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012) aired on the Disney Channel during her early teens.

Then, however, there were reports of years of disputes between them, and reconciliation took place in 2015. Five years later, Gomez revealed to Cyrus that she has bipolar disorder. During the Bright Minded Instagram series, Cyrus recalled that the two women managed to restore their friendship. Gomez just sent her a butterfly emoji. “And that’s enough. Connect with people and show them you’re there. A butterfly emoji will do just fine.”