How does the royal family around King Charles III. (74) and Queen Camilla (76) actually normal afternoons and evenings in the closest circle? Sarah Ferguson (63), Prince Andrew’s (63) ex-wife, has now offered exclusive insights into royal family life in the last episode of her podcast “Tea Talks”. In general, the family is currently “very united” and would often meet for a game of “Scrabble”. The topic of her podcast this week was also, appropriately, “Board Games in the Palace.”

A listener wanted to know from Ferguson whether the rumor was true that the royals would like to play parlor games, especially at Christmas, and whether the late Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) didn’t like the game “Monopoly” because it caused arguments have led. Ferguson didn’t answer the question in as much detail, but she did indicate that her family likes “games, board games, card games, Scrabble, puzzles.” “They love to do what other families do and that’s nice,” Ferguson continued.

Ferguson did not address the specific “Monopoly” question. Just as little as the rumor spread by the Netflix series “The Crown” that the family would celebrate the drinking game “Ibble Dibble”. According to insiders, however, this seems unlikely.

Ferguson, who lives at the Royal Lodge in Windsor with her estranged husband Prince Andrew, also spoke about her granddaughter Sienna, 1, who is currently staying with the Yorks, while her mother Princess Beatrice, 35, and husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, 39 are on vacation. “Beatrice and Edo are gone so Gee-Gee is in charge, it’s really quite amusing,” explains Ferguson, nicknamed Gee-Gee by her granddaughter.

“I was looking forward to the time Sienna would come in and say, ‘Gee-Gee, let’s play,’ and now she wants to come and play every minute of the day,” said Ferguson, who even shared visual similarities between her granddaughter and revealed to her daughter. That’s why she describes the little one as a “mini-me”.