The pop star Britney Spears (41) no longer feels like Botox treatments. As the singer announced in an Instagram video, she will only resort to alternative cosmetic treatments in the future. Recently, the injections made her face look as if she had been beaten, says a visibly emotional Spears.

The disastrous effects of the botox treatments would have caused the singer’s forehead to become extremely swollen, while the effect would also have caused her eyelids to droop. She even got scared that she wouldn’t be able to see anything until the strong side effects had subsided.

Spears even returned to the doctor in Los Angeles after the injections and showed her the shocking result. But she only said that such swellings were completely normal. “Fu.. Botox, it’s horrible!” Spears says, based on her experience.

As an alternative, she now relies on breathable silicone patches that are said to be good for her skin. Spears also wore such a patch during the recording of the video. These look great, Spears explains with a smile, and would feel the same way. She is also happy with the result.

Back in February, Spears opened up about her bad experience with Botox in a video. “I think I get light lines on my forehead but the last time I did it my eyebrow raised like that funny girl in the movie ‘Just go with it’!!!” She didn’t come down for three weeks, she stayed there.” Apparently she couldn’t resist even then and continued to rely on the neurotoxin Botox.