The final trio of this year’s RTL jungle camp has been determined. Singer Lucas Cordalis, make-up artist Djamila Rowe and reality actor Gigi Birofio will fight for the so-called jungle crown on Sunday, which the winner of the format “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” may rely on the battered head.

The reason: The three received the most votes from the viewers in the show on Saturday. It was worse for singer and “Checker vom Neckar” Cosimo Citiolo and influencer Jolina Mennen. Due to the voting, the two were eliminated shortly before their big goal.

The final ensemble promises a certain spice for the remaining hours in the Australian jungle. Rowe and Birofio make no secret of the fact that they have problems with Cordalis. That became clear again on Saturday, when the candidates had to judge in a perfidious game who they would treat the jungle crown to most – and who least.

C-celebrities are in trouble

Rowe thumbed down Cordalis. “Sometimes I feel like when we’re both talking, or even when you’re talking to other people, it comes across as very callous,” she reproached him. “Sometimes you ask me questions out of nowhere, where I think: Oops, why is he suddenly interested in that?”.

Her suspicion: “Sometimes I have the feeling that you are talking to someone to keep your image clean.” Birofio also accused Costa Cordalis’ son – not for the first time – of hypocrisy. Cordalis, in turn, told the 23-year-old that he considered his style “affected”. “I think you always act a little bit like you have to be cooler than you are.”

After all, the C celebrity team held together during their jungle test. In “Creek of the Stars”, a traditional game of this format, in which you are shot at with water and abused with giant balls, the campers got all five possible stars.