Prince Harry surprisingly spent the eve of his 39th birthday in the restaurant “Im Goldenen Kessel” at the Schumacher brewery in Düsseldorf – and thus brought the restaurant in the old town into the international headlines.

As the “Daily Mail” reports, Harry came with his wife Meghan (42) and around a dozen other companions. The group was seated at two tables in a separate room and ordered traditional German dishes. The prince is said to have drunk six beers, Meghan a small one.

She wore the white skinny jeans she had already picked out for the sitting volleyball game on Thursday and a red and white pinstripe shirt. Harry had chosen dark jeans and a gray top.

The couple relaxed and posed for photos with restaurant owner Thea Ungermann and head waiter Frank Wackers, who has worked at the restaurant for 38 years. In a picture that the brewery published on its Instagram account, Harry and Meghan can be seen laughing with the brewery team. The brewery said: “So proud! Impressed by very friendly people. Who enjoyed our Schumi Alt, Haxe Wiener Schnitzel, blood sausage and German sausages.”

Thea Ungermann told Daily Mail about her special guests: “He was a lovely man and had a very fun time. Meghan was lovely.” Frank Wackers added: “They were very happy. He is a lovely man and they were so nice.”

The waiter also recounted a conversation with the bodyguard: “He said he would kill me if the beer was bad, but I know he was joking.” Harry is said to have picked up the bill and paid a generous tip.

During the meal, Harry was presented with a white chocolate cake by the restaurant staff. Back at the hotel, he is said to have received a “Happy Birthday” song from the group.

Harry and Meghan are currently in Düsseldorf because the Invictus Games, which he founded, are taking place there. The sports competition for disabled soldiers and their families ends on September 16th.