Oliver (45) and Amira Pocher (30) are coming to terms with their separation. This is also reflected to some extent in the latest edition of their Podimo podcast “Die Pochers!” to be heard again. The two were actually talking about concert T-shirts when he unexpectedly said to her: “You broke my heart – you don’t joke about that.”

They hug each other, joke around, and when they are talking about Hansi Flick’s (58) retirement as national soccer coach, she starts to cry after the comedian and presenter said to her: “That was the most tender thing I’ve said in the last six months got to you.” Even though it sounded joking, tears welled up in his eyes too.

After seven years of marriage and two children together, the Pochers separated. The first rumors emerged in June. They also confirmed the end of their marriage in a podcast episode at the end of August. “It’s time to educate people. […] We thought this is probably the best way to say it. We’re separated. That’s it,” they told their fans at the time.