Rock icon Slash (58) from Guns N’ Roses likes to try out different things in music. The guitarist, who is now on tour in Germany with the band Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators (SMKC), says he doesn’t care what others think of it. “It never bothered me,” Slash told dpa in London. “I do my thing and people either like it or they don’t.”

His taste in music is diverse, said the guitar virtuoso, who is releasing his first blues album (“Orgy Of The Damned”) with many guest stars on May 17th. “I like different things in music. So I do this and that, which people don’t expect.” Sometimes people have question marks on their faces, said Slash, but that doesn’t matter. “Some people will be really interested and like it, others will say: ‘That’s not heavy metal enough.’ No matter! What I do, I do for myself.”

Although all projects are equally important to him, there are certain priorities for professional reasons. “Now I’m on tour with the Conspirators. This is a tour we wanted to do two years ago, but then the pandemic came,” he said. “But as soon as we were able to tour again, the bigger bands came first, like Guns N’ Roses and (Myles Kennedy’s band) Alter Bridge. If you look at the big picture, some things take priority. But for me personally, it’s always what I’m doing is important.”

After the German tour kick-off in Düsseldorf last Monday, Slash is also giving concerts in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. In the summer he will tour the USA with his own blues festival.