Pop singer Michelle (52) says looking back, she should have taken better care of herself. “I often neglected my health in general. I wanted to be perfect and function,” she says in an interview that appears in the new “Stern” on Thursday.

As an example, she cited her stroke in 2003 when she was on tour – after a short break over Easter, she continued straight away. “I was told: You can’t disappoint all the people who are waiting for you and want to see your concerts,” says Michelle in the “Stern” interview.

The singer recently announced that her autobiographical album called “Flutlicht,” which will be released this summer, will be her last. It is “now the right time to get out of this shark tank,” said Michelle, born Tanja Hewer in Villingen-Schwenningen (Baden-Württemberg).

“Especially as a woman, I always feel: It’s a hard fight, envy plays a huge role. (…) The image of women in the industry used to be even worse, but even today I move in a predominantly male world, whether that are record bosses or producers and songwriters.”