An unusual trio presented themselves to the followers of Snoop Dogg’s (52) son Cordell Broadus (27) on Friday: Apparently the rapper and his offspring had a pretty relaxed meeting with the two Hollywood stars Austin Butler (32) and Robert De Niro ( 80) in a house in Malibu.

The pictures and videos that Cordell Broadus posted about it on Instagram seem extremely friendly. In one, all four are sitting on a bench – a can and an ashtray in front of them – and smiling. The self-proclaimed “Doggfather” and De Niro casually show the victory sign into the camera. While the rapper is holding a lighter in his hand, a small dog even peeks out of De Niro’s jacket. A picture that you don’t see every day. Or as one follower aptly writes in a comment: “Snoop Dogg, Robert De Niro and Austin Butler having dinner together was not on my bingo card.”

Another video shows how well the unusual combination got along. The rapper and the “Godfather” actor then pose arm in arm for a photo, with De Niro almost resting his head on Snoop Dogg’s shoulder. The rapper says: “You didn’t know that I also have Italian blood, did you?”. De Niro quickly replies: “I knew that,” whereupon Snoop Dogg starts dancing with laughter.

In the caption, Cordell Broadus also shared that the meeting was said to have been a dinner where they “talked numbers.” How the dinner came about in this constellation and what exactly the topic was is unfortunately not (yet) known.

Cordell is the middle child of Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante Broadus. The two have been married since 1997 and have also raised Corde, now 29, and Cori, 24. The rapper also has another child from a previous relationship, 25-year-old Julian. He is now also a grandfather of six.