Things are looking bad for Stefan Raab’s (57) Instagram plans: Nine million followers would have to declare themselves as Raab’s followers by Monday, April 1st – then the TV legend would become an influencer, according to the deal. Raab promised the alleged comeback under conditions on Good Friday with an Instagram video that has been racing through all social media channels for two days and aims to collect as many followers as fitness influencer Pamela Reif (27) already has.

But TV legend or not – on Instagram the name Raab doesn’t seem to have enough appeal for the ambitious project. As of Sunday afternoon (March 31), there were only 2.7 followers on Instagram. It is virtually impossible that the necessary 6.3 million people will be added by April 1st.

Maybe it’s also the medium of Instagram, which rewards beautiful photos from influencers rather than TV legends with hints of a comeback. For comparison: veteran moderator Thomas Gottschalk (73) currently has 97,000 followers despite his busy presence, while ProSieben colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (40) has “only” 386,000 followers. Raab’s former protégé Lena Meyer-Landrut (32), on the other hand, has already collected 5.7 million followers.

Even if the video with which Raab made his bet offers some pretty nice pictures: the ex-TV Total star is not visible in it, but the back of his head is supposedly on a fishing trip at an abandoned lake. There, his former intern Elton (52) tries to persuade him to do “something” again. Raab promises to fulfill the wish if Elton can collect nine million followers for him in three days.

However, the end date of the campaign makes many Raab fans doubt the seriousness of the project. It’s no coincidence that this should end on the joke day of the year, April 1st.

What or whether something new will be announced by Raab tomorrow, April 1st, remains to be seen. The “Bild” newspaper claims to have already learned that the presenter and musician, even if he reaches nine million followers, does not plan to appear in front of the camera again. The newspaper literally says: “Raab is currently not planning a TV comeback in front of the camera.”

Raab has literally disappeared from the screen as a presenter for almost ten years. At the end of 2023 he also withdrew from the company Brainpool and the associated production company Raab TV. However, his new company Raab Entertainment is putting on a show this year during the European Football Championship: “The RTL EM Studio”.