Regina Halmich (47) will get into the ring again against Stefan Raab (57). The former presenter announced the news on April 1st via his Instagram account. Regina Halmich revealed to “Bild” what might have driven him to this comeback after ten years.

Accordingly, the plan for the “final fight” had been in place for weeks. Halmich signed the contract with Raab Entertainment two and a half weeks ago, she says. But she isn’t sure what exactly the audience can expect at the show on September 14th: “It’s being kept a big secret. I really don’t know and I’m just concerned with the sporting side of things.” The only thing that is clear is that the fight will last a maximum of six rounds, each lasting two minutes. And it should be spectacular, if you believe Halmich’s expectations: “If anyone can do a show, it’s Stefan Raab. I know that he is the best in this respect. I’m up for the fight, it’s going to be a great show.”

What motivated Stefan Raab to compete against Halmich in the ring again after so many years of abstinence from TV? The former world champion estimates: “He just knows that it’s a kick and a huge ratings booster. He will definitely come back just for this one fight. He wants to set a monument for himself.” With Halmich’s reference to the ratings winner, it should now be clear that the fight will be on television. But she doesn’t know where either.

In a post with which the entertainer announced the start of advance sales for tickets for the “Final Fight”, Raab has a few kilos more on his ribs than ten years ago. But it could also just be a costume and a few touches from a makeup artist. Halmich can’t help here either: “We just spoke on the phone and I don’t know what to expect. But one thing is certain: he will weigh at least 35 kilos more than me.” The boxing match will take place on September 14, 2024 from 7:45 p.m. in Düsseldorf.