The comedian Luke Mockridge (35) spoke in a “Stern” interview about his previous dealings with women and described his view of a long shitstorm on social media. “I had an almost sporting motivation to pick up women,” Mockridge admitted in the conversation. “I can take responsibility for my wrongdoing and say: I was an asshole and I’m sorry for that.”

Mockridge reported that he “led a very outrageous nightlife early on.” “I wanted to party as hard as anyone who wasn’t famous; I wanted to drink, go crazy, rip sinks out of the walls and jump from the DJ booth into the crowd.” He comes “from a generation in which these were still hero stories if you ‘clarified one yesterday’. There were high fives and pats on the back. From today’s perspective: late puberty. Uncool.” He doesn’t want to deny “that I led an excessive party life. That just has nothing to do with the accusation of rape, which has long since collapsed legally.”

His party behavior could be criticized “and classified as human misconduct. The other thing is an act that I did not commit,” he added, referring to statements from the summer of 2021: At that time, he himself had heard of allegations against him in social networks and reports of a complaint from an ex-partner who, according to her own statements, perceived an incident on a night together as attempted rape. Mockridge rejected the allegations and the Cologne public prosecutor’s office closed corresponding proceedings. His ex-partner’s lawyer could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

After the allegations became known in 2021, the comedian withdrew from the public for a long time. “I asked friends, doctors and therapists: Is there something that I didn’t see? No matter how many times I think back on our relationship, there was nothing violent. I don’t blame myself,” emphasized Mockridge. In the interview he also reports suicidal thoughts in light of the allegations against him. A friend finally made sure that he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.