Rapper Bushido (44) has apparently achieved great success against Arafat Abou-Chaker in court. The Berlin Regional Court now sees it as proven that Abou-Chaker wrongly received manager payments from the musician. “Bild” quoted from the verdict: “Although the plaintiff (Arafat) was never active as a manager of the defendant (Bushido), the parties concluded a so-called management contract on January 30, 2007, in which the defendant appointed the plaintiff (called ‘Management ‘) entrusted with his representation and representation of interests.”

So Abou-Chaker was never Bushido’s legal manager and, as a direct result of this judgment, now has to repay a sum of over two million euros plus interest. In April of this year, Abou-Chaker was sentenced by the Berlin court to pay a little more than 2.2 million euros to his former business partner. A court spokeswoman for the news agency spot on news confirmed this at the time.

Accordingly, the legal dispute at the Berlin Regional Court was about, among other things, “several invoices” that Abou-Chaker had submitted and “with which he wanted to claim a share of the defendant’s income,” explains the spokeswoman. He also wanted to receive information about Bushido’s expenses and income.

The rapper had in turn filed a counterclaim, “which was essentially aimed at repaying shares of the defendant’s income.” Abou-Chaker was then sentenced to pay a little more than 2.2 million euros plus interest. However, this was a default judgment because Abou-Chaker did not file an application and Bushido’s side applied for a corresponding decree. The verdict was therefore not yet final and Arafat had filed an objection against it within the deadline. This is no longer possible.