Princess Madeleine of Sweden (41) published a photo on her Instagram account on Easter Sunday (March 31) that unsettled her followers.

You can see Mama Madeleine and her two daughters, Princess Leonore (10) and Princess Adrienne (6), staggered one behind the other. The baby sits on mom’s lap, her firstborn stands behind her. Unlike the other two, Leonore doesn’t smile.

The girls wear checkered summer dresses with floral embroidery on them and bright headbands. Madeleine is also wearing a light summer dress. All three pose around a pink decoration in front of a stone wall with climbing plants. Because of the summery feel, it is conceivable that the photo was taken in the family’s adopted home of Florida.

The daughter of King Carl XVI commented on her post. Gustaf (77) and Queen Silvia (80) with “Happy Easter” and flower emojis.

The message was liked many times, but many fans also posted worried comments. You can read something like: “Where are the happy faces?” or “Leonore doesn’t look very happy” and “her eldest daughter looks sad”.

One follower is particularly irritated by Madeleine’s face: “Why does Madeleine’s face look so strange?” she asks. In fact, it seems as if there is a spotlight on her hairline, but no such light is visible on her daughters. “That’s what I thought,” agrees another, adding: “It doesn’t look like her at all.”

“Bad, bad picture… to be honest, you don’t look very good,” summarizes one user. “Very poor image quality,” another also complained.

“This is what Kate’s photo looked like before editing,” jokes one follower. Another describes a typical family photo dilemma: “If you have more than one child in a picture, you don’t get a perfect picture. And if you combine several pictures into one to have more happy faces, you get a shitstorm like Kate. “

Princess Kate (42) posted a photo of herself with her three children on the occasion of British Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. Since it had been edited before publication, the wife of the heir to the British throne received a real shitstorm. A little later she admitted that she was the author of the changes and apologized for them. The matter became particularly explosive due to the fact that the mother of three Kate was actually currently battling cancer, as she later published.

And something else is noticeable about the new Swedish Royals picture: Dad Chris O’Neill (49), to whom Madeleine has been married since 2013, and their son, Prince Nicolas (8), are missing from the photo. “Where is Nicolas?” a follower also wants to know. Maybe Madeleine will soon post a solution to all the questions.