“Easter egg successfully hidden!” writes Oliver Pocher (46) on two Instagram photos that show him and ex-wife (2010-2014) Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Wölden (41) on a viewing platform high above a city. In the first picture he is listening to her stomach and looking proudly into the camera, and in the second he is kissing her stomach. Meanwhile, mother of five Meyer-Wölden covers her eyes and laughs. The two have three children together and two each from subsequent relationships.

The vast majority of followers of Oli Pocher, who is separated from his second wife Amira Pocher (31), think the post is an April Fool’s joke. “Yeah, yeah. April first and all that. But you had me for a few seconds,” admits presenter Marlene Lufen (53). “Anyone who takes the post too seriously has not understood the definition of ‘comedian’,” writes singer Prince Damien (33).

Moderator Elton (52), who is also involved in the possible April Fool’s joke by entertainer Stefan Raab (57), comments on the Pocher baby bump post in a story: “I know that Oliver Pocher is going to be a father again. For sure!!! ” And Pocher, who reposted the Elton story, added: “Birth is at the Regina Hallmich fight!” He is alluding to the Raab comeback, which is scheduled to take place on September 14th with a show boxing match. The followers of the Stefan Raab account, which is only a few days old, are wondering whether this announcement in the new Raab video on Instagram is an April Fool’s joke or not. The entertainer ended his career in front of the camera in 2015.

Meanwhile, one user rejoices about the Pocher post: “It would be funnier if it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.” Another follower amused many people with this comment under the Pocher post: “We still think it’s an April Fool’s joke. And then: twins.” He is alluding to the fact that Meyer-Wölden has already had twins twice.

In another story, Oliver Pocher asks, illustrated with a tear emoji: “Why should you make a joke about SOMETHING like that…”

In fact, some also criticize the post. “A topic you shouldn’t joke about…” writes one user. Another: “You don’t joke about pregnancy…”

But those affected in particular don’t accept this kind of criticism: “How upset people are… I’m coming out here, I’ve had an unfulfilled desire to have children for years and I can still laugh at jokes like that!! […] Life is good other people just continue,” she writes and adds: “Of course it’s polite to use kid gloves and not say a word about babies. But in the end, nobody can do anything about the fact that my uterus doesn’t function properly.” She concludes her post with: “Have fun, multiply! I’ll be fine.” “I find it really funny, even though I once had a miscarriage,” commented another user.